Social Responsibility

Volunteerism and Charitable Giving

Rebuilding Together

Maybach Media Network and our employees partner together on projects that help preserve home ownership for low-income individuals and community non-profits across the country. More than 300 homes and more than 40 non-profits have been positively impacted by our work since this partnership began in 2012.


As a leading marketing communications company, consumers come to our brands for timeless advice about food, decorating, building, parenting, gardening, beauty, crafts, health and well-being and more. We realize that to take care of our homes and families, we must take care of the planet. MMN has in place a number of sustainable business practices as well as a group of sustainability ambassadors whose goal is to recommend ongoing changes that will enable us to be an even more responsible member of the global community.

Health and Wellness

MMN wellness programs for employees and spouses/domestic partners. With initiatives related to physical wellness, stress management and financial wellness, the program offers incentives in annual wellness reimbursements enjoyed by over 90% of our employees and their spouse/domestic partners participation.



Collaboration. Celebration. Community
Maybach Media Network is one of the Top Places to Work in Media. We are honored by this recognition by our employees, audiences, and institutions which celebrates outstanding organizations that parlay their creative, fun and productive environments into successful products.

At MMN, we favor an entrepreneurial spirit and reward excellence and achievement. We also believe in giving back to our local communities and encourage company-wide participation in those activities. Our corporate values translate into meaningful experiences for our employees.