Maybach Media

For all your entertainment News. Representation of the Hip Hop culture, the streets information before you hear it elsewhere, it was first released here.

Maybach Media House

News in politics and topics of interest to the public brought to you as they are. Raw presentation of the events without manipulation, third party influence or otherwise.


Pop culture follower. Events and happenings in Hollywood, silver screen and beyond.

Maybach Africa

Africa rising. The news face of entertainment. The new kid on the block. Africa is defining the entertainment scene and in that regard, we are placing ourselves at the forefront of that change by covering the entertainment scene events and bringing the news from the motherland as the drop!


To Engage, Inform and Empower the world in News!

Maybach Business

We have interest in various businesses, and this triggered our interest in business news and keeping abreast of the events of the world economy because opportunity must be understood to make the most out of it.

These are our proud platforms

Maybach Media, Newslaza, Maybach Media House, Maybach Africa & Maybach Business

Doing the right thing, at the right time.

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