MMN Charity

We spend a very short time here on earth and apart from having dreams like any other person and seeking to live a worthwhile life here on earth; it is the goal of Maybach Media Network to contribute to the community and society at large in anyway, shape and form to make our world a better place. Maybach the C.E.O says that one other thing that is closest to his heart apart from running a successful business is to help the needy especially the homeless in Africa. We get involved with communities affected by AIDS, prisoners families and palliative care.

The problem with our world today is everyone wants to be successful. And we get caught up in that element of hunting success and forget that not everyone is as lucky as most of us might be and that is why here at Maybach Media Network we love to give to the needy everywhere in the world as much as we love doing business. We know our desire beyond business is to go out there meet the people and love them – Maybach Vundi, MMN CEO.

While our efforts now are small than we would love them to be, we have a vision to one day reach many more hearts and touch them in a special way. Which is why we have a contribution corner in our site towards charity. Join us in this journey. Let’s do our part while we can, while we have the strength and let the world remember our humble efforts together.

Give today and while you are giving, give from your heart and contribute to our efforts to reach out to the world  with a loving hand.

Do good to others, and you will have done good unto yourself.

Find the donate button to give at the bottom of this page or click here.

Thank you.