Terms of Use for MMN’s digital services;

These are the MMN terms of use. They tell you:

  • The rules for using our services
  • What you can do with our content (share it, link to it, that sort of thing)
  • What we can do with things you post or upload.

Your rights and responsibilities, basically – important stuff.

We’ve kept them as short as possible, and we’ve made videos for the complicated bits. So do read them and check in for updates as the latest version always applies (we’ll usually only make updates when we release a new service, change how we provide a service, or have to comply with a new legal requirement).

When these terms apply

Read these terms before using our services. Whenever you use our services you agree to these terms.

If you don’t stick to all these terms, then we can suspend or terminate your use of services and your account.

But first…

What’s this about “services” and “content”?

That’s media speak for:

a. Services

Anything digital offered by the MMN. Such as websites like; 

b. Content

Anything that’s available through those services. Including:

  • Shows
  • Text
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images
  • Games
  • Software
  • Technical stuff such as metadata and open-source code
  • Anything made by people using our services. User-generated content, that’s called.

When other terms apply

a. When you use services provided by MMN Worldwide or someone else

When you use someone else’s services or products, like a virtual reality headset, they will have terms for using them.

Some services are provided by MMN. These will have their own terms.

b. When you use services where we tell you they apply

Like when you enter a competition. If there are extra terms, we’ll always let you know.

Terms for using our services and content

A few rules to stop you (and us) getting in trouble.

These apply to our services and content. One exception is content that’s made to be shared – “shareables” for short – which has some different, more relaxed rules.

a. Don’t mess with our services

What do we mean by that? This sort of thing:

  • Hacking them
  • Trying to get around our content security technology (software that stops people copying our content)
  • Refusing to remove content, games, or apps from your device when we ask you to. This might happen when we take down services. Which we can do at any time, without notice.

b. Don’t harm or offend other people…

…while using our services or content. That means:

  • Don’t damage our reputation by associating us with sexism or racism, for instance
  • Don’t get us sued – by defaming (damaging the reputation of) someone, say, or commenting on an active lawsuit
  • Don’t harass or upset people
  • Don’t post or upload anything offensive or obscene
  • If you disagree with someone, attack the argument, not the person.

c. Play it safe

When you watch or play an app or game, be aware of your surroundings and use your device safely.

Don’t take part in any activities where you need to focus straight after, or if you feel slightly dazed or confused.

d. Don’t pretend to be MMN

Except at fancy dress parties. That includes:

  • Recreating a service or copying the look of a service
  • Using our brands, trademarks or logos without our permission
  • Using or mentioning our content in press releases and other marketing bumps
  • Making money from our content or services. You can’t charge people to watch our shows, for example
  • Sharing our content. Apart from shareables.

Using MMN content

a. When you need permission

To use any of the following things…

  • Whole shows
  • Clips
  • Photos
  • Content from newslaza.com
  • Our logo and other branding
  • Anything else that’s protected by copyright.

…you’ll need to get permission.

We don’t always own the copyright.

Our content often includes other people’s content, you see. For instance, a TV show might feature images, video and music that belong to artists, actors and musicians.

Or we only have a license to broadcast a show, and it’s the production company who owns it.

So, you’ll have to ask them if you can use it. Except under certain circumstances…

b. When you already have permission 

  • If you’re at a school, college or university that’s got an Educational Recording Agency license.
  • For shareables.
  • For open-source code and open data.
  • To download podcasts for personal use using our download button. You can download podcasts for personal use. You can also transfer podcasts between your devices. But don’t upload a podcast back to the internet from your device. Use the sharing buttons instead to tell your friends about it.

c. How to get permission

Contact us and we will guide you on the requirements that you may need to follow to get permitted to use any of our services and information/data.